Our school website has a popular Photo Gallery which we use to show people what our school is like. There are photos of different areas around the school, as well as photos of children's work and displays. To see our Photo Gallery, click here .

Getting Started:
  • Think of some interesting places around the school. If you didn't know what The Downs was like, what things would you be interested in seeing?
  • Use a digital camera to take photos.
  • Can you use the zoom to frame your photo?
  • Can you use the Macro feature to take pictures close-up?

Safety - While you are taking photos, please remember not to include pictures of people.

Remember to add your information to the Register when you have finished!

Ideas and Challenges to Try:
  • Find one piece of work from each year group in the school and take a photo of it.
  • Choose one part of school and take photos of it from different angles.
  • Can you use the camera to take photos which include different colours of the rainbow?
  • Try to take photos which show right-angles.