There are many fantastic websites online, which allow you to generate your own content. Don't forget to look at our avatars page too!

Getting Started:
Before you visit the different web generator sites, you need to know remember how to save your image when it is finished. Here's how:

If you are using a Mac:
When you are finished, press CMD, SHIFT and 4 (on a MAC). A small cross-hair will appear.
Draw a box around your Lego character. When you let go of the mouse button, you will hear a camera sound.
Your Lego character will be saved to the desktop.
Rename him / her (using your name(s) and the file name) and then put him / her into the ICT CLUB folder.

If you are using a PC:
Press the PRT SC button. Then go to Word and choose Edit --> Paste.
Now, save your Word document into the ICT CLUB folder on the desktop of your computer. Don't forget to save it with your name as the file name.

Web Generators to Try: - when using any websites, remember to be safe and sensible. Think before you click.