Vokis are little animated characters that you can design online. They're really easy to make, and you can even make them talk... what will you make your Voki say? Here's an example:

Get a Voki now!

Getting Started:
  • Visit
  • Click on 'Create'
  • Design your voki. You can change their facial features, their clothes, the background and much more. Experiment with the options to design your character.
  • Next, give your character a voice. If you computer has a microphone you can record your speech. If not, type your text and the computer will talk for you.
  • When you are finished, click on 'Publish'.
  • Then enter a name and click on 'Save'.
  • If the site asks you to register, choose 'No Thanks'.
  • Click on 'Send to a Friend', enter your name and the school's email address ( in the Your Email box.
  • Type in the 'Your Friend's Email' list, enter a Subject and click on Send!

Remember to add your information to the Register when you have finished!

Ideas and Challenges to Try:
  • Can you make a voki which looks like you?
  • Can you make a voki which looks like somebody that you know?
  • Make a voki which gives information about one of your school topics.
  • Make a voki which tells you the weather for the next few days.