VR photos are our special 'Virtual Reality' pictures, where people can scroll around a photo, and zoom in and out to explore things. Here's an example:

Getting Started:
There are three steps to making your own VR photo.

1. Taking the Pictures...
  • First, you need to find a place to take your photographs. Try to choose a place where things aren't moving around too much, and where there aren't any people.
  • Set up the camera on a tripod to make it as stable as possible.
  • Switch the camera into 'Switch Assist' mode and set up your first shot. Turn off the flash!
  • Take your first picture, and move the camera around a little. Try to make sure that your new photo overlaps with your first one... the bigger the overlap, the better!
  • Keep taking photos, moving the camera around a little each time. Remember to leave an overlap.
  • When you have taken all of the photos, connect the camera to a Mac with the USB cable, and download the pictures to iPhoto.

2. Shrinking the Photos...
  • The photos you have taken are too large to turn into a VR photo, so you need to shrink them!
  • When the photos have been downloaded into iPhoto, drag them into the 'Photos to Shrink' folder in the ICT CLUB folder on the desktop!
  • Now, double-click on the Shrinking Script (in the ICT CLUB folder) and click on Run.
  • The computer will ask you which photos you want to shrink. Click on the first one in the list, hold down SHIFT on the keyboard, click on the bottom one, and then click on 'Choose'.
  • The computer will then shrink all of the photos for you!

3. Stitching the Photos together...
  • Open Photostitch, using the icon in the Dock.
  • Click on Open and find the photos that you shrunk earlier (in the 'Shrunk Photos' folder, in the ICT CLUB folder on the Desktop!). Select them all (click on the top one, hold down SHIFT, and click on the bottom one). Then click on 'Open'.
  • Next, click on 'Merge' and then on 'Start'.
  • The computer will try to merge your photos together.
  • When it has finished, click on Save, and then on the Save button.
  • Now, give your file a name (your name(s) please), and save it in the ICT CLUB folder on the Desktop. You need to save your work as a Quicktime VR.
  • Click on OK on the next screen (you don't need to change any settings), and then click 'Yes' to view your VR photo!

Remember to add your information to the Register when you have finished!

Ideas and Challenges to Try:
  • Try to make a stitch which goes around all 360 degrees!
  • Can you make a vertical stitch?