The Register... a list of who comes to ICT club, and what they have achieved:

SESSION 9 - TEAM BLOG - Thursday 27th March 2008
The team went around the school and took lots of digital photos today. They then used the Animoto website to turn these photos into a cool music video!

SESSION 8 - TEAM BLOG - Thursday 20th March 2008
Harley and matt made a graffiti picture and a smiley.
Harley made an M&M.
Genevieve made a weird Harry Potter thing!
Becky made a Hermione today!!!!!!!!!!
Grace made a Harry Potter Character!!!!!!!!!!
George and Alex made a chater box animation.
Daniel and Luke both made cool LEGO characters
Tom made cool graffiti.
Tom and Ryan made cool m&ms
Tom and Ryan made cool wildlife characters.
Tom simpsonised himself.

SESSION 7 - TEAM BLOG - Thursday 13th March 2008
Tom and Ryan made lego characters they looked like hippys[rob m]
Jess made a landscape and made a really cool song with becky!!!
Becky made a landscape lego girl and and music with jess!!!
Matt and Alex made a lego person, Matt also made a m&m person!!!!!
Tom and Ryan made some great music

SESSION 6 - TEAM BLOG - Thursday 6th March 2008
Jessy made a chihauhau talk on chatterbox with CRAZY TALK !!!
Becki made a talking kitten on chatterbox with CRAZY TALK!!!!!!!!
Grace made a landscape on terragen with Genevieve!
Grace made a garage band tune with Genevieve!!!!!!

SESSION 5 - TEAM WIKI - Thursday 14th February 2008
The team spent today's session making their own Vokis. You can view them on our ICT blog.

SESSION 4 - TEAM WIKI - Thursday 14th February 2008
The whole team worked together to make their own version of the Sony Bravia 'Bouncing Balls' advert.

SESSION 3 - TEAM WIKI - Thursday 7th February 2008
Kieran M made an M&M character called Kieran.
Reece made a M&M character called Reece!
Keiren M, George and Ollie used Garageband.
Paige & Rosie made Simpsons characters and 'Wild' characters.
Harry & Max made smileys, Simpsons characters, Lego characters and M&Ms.
Kirsty and Georgia made some Chatterboxes with Crazytalk!

SESSION 2 - TEAM WIKI - Thursday 31st January 2008
Kirsty and Georgia made lego girlz!
Max made a lego man and a Pivot stick animation. Max also made a Chatterbox Koala!
Reece and Alex made an animation.
Paige and Rosie made a Lego person each.
Keiren, George and Ollie made a stop motion animtion and also made a song with Garageband.

SESSION 1 - TEAM WIKI - Thursday 24th January 2008
Kieran M made a Lego man of himself.
Keiren M made a Pivot animation.
Jack made a Lego man.
Ollie made a Lego man and so did Kieran.
Rosie and Paige used Garageband to record information on the ICT Club.
Reece and Alex made a Lego man.
Alex made a comic strip using Make Beliefs Comix.
Kieran M made a comic on the first day of ict club!
Maximillian P and Harry made a Lego man on the first day of ICT club.
Scarlett composed a song using Garageband.
Kirsty and Georgia made a comic strip using Comic Life.