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The Downs FM is our school's podcast. The show has been running since 2005, and is created by children in Years 5 and 6, with help from others around the school. For more information, visit the Downs FM website .

Getting Started:
Creating The Downs FM involves lots of skills, and different equipment. To find out more, visit the 'About The Downs FM ' page.

Remember to add your information to the Register when you have finished!

Ideas and Challenges to Try:
  • Use Garageband to make a new jingle for one of the features on the show.
  • Record a short piece of audio / music to use as a promo. You might say "You're listening to The Downs FM", "Visit our website at", or something similar.
  • Prepare a "Mystery Sound" feature. Use a portable recorder to record different sounds from around school. Write a new feature for the show where listeners have to guess what the sounds are.
  • Plan and record an interview with a pupil or a member of staff.
  • Find some funny jokes (use a joke book, or recommended jokes websites) and record them for the Jokes feature.
  • Find a news article at BBC Newsround , rewrite it in your own words, and record a news feature for the next show.
  • Write and record a report about a recent school event.
  • Record an interview with an ICT club member, about what they are doing in the club!
  • Find some new podsafe music for the show. Ask Mr. Warner how to do this.