Top Tips for everyone in ICT Club...

  • SAVE YOUR WORK! Please remember to save your work every few minutes. Don't wait until you have finished... computers do funny things, so it's best to keep on saving just in case something goes wrong!

  • Please save your work in the ICT CLUB folder on the DESKTOP of your computer. Otherwise we might not be able to find it later.

  • Use your name(s) as the file name of your work... otherwise I won't know who made it.

  • Please complete the register every time you come. This is a record of who came to ICT club, and what they did. When it's time to add things to the school website, I'll be checking the register. If your information isn't there, your work might not be added!

  • If you don't finish your activity, add your information to the register, but put NOT FINISHED next to it!

  • Please remember safety... only use your first name and last initial on your work.

  • If you take any digital photos during ICT club, please make sure that there are no pictures of children.