Comic Life is a really easy piece of software which lets you make your own comic strips. You can use digital photos, or make pictures using the clip art provided. Here's an example:

Getting Started:
  • Click on the Comic Life icon on the Dock.
  • Choose a layout for your comic using the selection available.
  • You can add photos (if you have taken any) from the ones in iPhoto. You can also use the clip art by choosing Finder --> Pictures --> Holle Cartoons PDF --> PDF Cartoons.
  • Just drag the photos or clip art into a block. You can then move them around or rotate them.
  • Add titles and text boxes to give more information. You can also use the speech and though bubbles to make your characters come to life!
  • Have fun exploring the other options. There are lots of things to try.

Remember to add your information to the Register when you have finished!

Ideas and Challenges to Try:
  • Use the cartoons to create your own cartoon comic strip.
  • Retell a story using Comic Life and cartoon images / photos
  • Take digital photos of toys / Lego characters and make a comic strip with them.
* e-safety tip - All of your comics will be put on our school website. Therefore, photos of pupils are not allowed in your comics.